Part 1. Getting started

Don’t you wish you could have an authentic arcade cabinet in your very own home? It would be nice, but if you’re lazy and cheap, forget authenticity. You can make this arcade machine in just a few hours.

Why think outside the box? Here’s a cabinet that literally IS the box.

Raid the nearest dumpster to get some suitable boxes. Look for sturdy, clean, intact boxes that don’t smell too bad. Get as many as you can cram into your car. You can’t really be sure how many you’ll need for a nice cabinet. Make sure one of them is big enough to fit your monitor into.

This pile should do! Now gather up lots of tape, and a box cutting knife.

Besides a computer (loaded up with all your favorites games) & monitor, this project uses the X-Arcade* control panel. Since the X-Arcade is portable you can make a cabinet out of just about anything.

You could also use a console video game and a TV in your cabinet since the X-Arcade also works with all consoles when you get the correct adapter.

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*If you’ve never heard of X-arcade, or need to buy one, here’s a link to their site:

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