Part 3. Finishing Touches

Every arcade game needs a lit marquee. I made this one with some markers and a sheet of paper.

I cut a hole in the box and placed a flashlight inside to illuminate the marquee. Now I really feel like I’m at the arcade.

There’s still one thing missing, a nice monitor bezel. You can make one, as I did, by using a scrap piece of cardboard and some plastic food wrap.

There we go! It is complete!!

Trashcade picture

The TrashCade truly captures my arcade memories. Kind of.

I will treasure this for hours.

Now go play some games you bum!

Or would you like some accessories for your TrashCade?

I know what you are thinking, and YES this is a joke.
I did really make it, and it really works but there was another reason behind it.
It was just so stupid and funny that I had to document it online.
Read all about my REAL arcade project on my REAL project page ARCADE REBOOT.

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  1. steve jobs says:

    this is well badass. if iwas a hobo i would have one of these and then live in it too. great stuff

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