Building a Chopstick Joystick Controller

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if you want to make one ya have to beware a couple pitfalls

#1 pre-drill the holes for the tacks as pushing them through will more than not break the clothespins

#2 i have the tack common on the back resting against the stop screw the inner contact before i stuck it in there i gave the pin a bit of a bend then poked it in and with plyers crimped it into place (kind of like a staple) this way it wont ruin the actuator spool

#3 i origionally wanted the guts on the bottom (like a proper joystick) but found that the flex in the joystick handle did not allow certain directions without significant force (enought to break a pencil and several bic pens)

#4 i got lucky with my screws they are just big enough to be tight in the spring area to hold it about a half inch over the board if i do it again i would need to use a half inch spacer under the clothespins

#5 make sure the actuator hits the back of the clothes pin handle (not near the middle) ya need all the leverage you can get also the clothepins need a bit of travel and if they are too tight they will jam up

#6 just because the actuator should hit the back of the clothespins doesnt mean thats where you need the contacts if i had it to do over i would have had the tacks more toward the center of the handle(i might have had better luck with diagonals if they had less throw)

#7 dont build it, its a waste of time and looks ugly, you will never use it, people will think you are crazy ,and it is a waste of good clothespins that could be holding up your pants

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