TrashCade – Accessories

Here’s another idea for the true cheapass. Get yourself the HoneyWeets arcade controller. Made in Australia from a genuine HoneyWeets cereal box!

Thanks to Lob for the suggestion and link!

Ghetto control meets Chinatown with this chopstick joystick idea from Whodat Hokiniku. It’s a 4-way controller perfect for your TrashCade when you want to play some Atari 2600 games. On second thought, “Don’t build it, it’s a waste of time and looks ugly,” says Whodat. Hey, that sounds like TrashCade!

Read his desciption of building this controller and potential pitfalls.

Want to add a coin door to your Trashcade? That’s simple! Just grab a cup, tape it on, and name your price for games. I like to stick with the classic price of 25 cents per credit.

If there’s a special event or holiday, theme your coin collector by using a festive cup! This Christmas cup really brings back those winter arcade memories snuggled up in front of a warm monitor playing Pac Man and Donkey Kong.

X-arcade, the controller used on TrashCade:

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