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AMD 30 Live!

August 23rd, 2014

This morning I had the privilege of being one of 100 people to attend AMD’s celebration of 30 years in graphics and gaming.

I didn’t realize until this event that AMD (or a former part of the company) had a hand in some Atari 2600 ROM chips, but they did. That means for me personally, my history with AMD related products goes back to the 2600 – my first console. I do however remember getting a VGA Wonder card from ATI as well as many more ATI and AMD graphics cards (and CPUs) since. ATI was also responsible for turning me on to Steam due to a Valve bundle that came with a video card I bought 11 years ago! Now AMD is everywhere including inside of all 3 major gaming consoles. Doing a quick count, there are 8 AMD GPUs in my house and 4 CPUs (soon to be 5 as a result of this event).

So the big surprise to attendees was that we all got a R9 290 video card for attending and cheering our heads off on an early Saturday morning. I’m just glad I live in the Austin area near AMD and was able to attend.

Thanks AMD for a great event! Now I’m going to have to put together a new PC to go with this new card (that’s where that +1 CPU will come from).

You can watch a replay of the live event here: AMD30Live Video. Those who know me – Can you find me in it?

The video card I was given is the very one that you will see John Byrne (@JohnByrneCSO) holding up at 1h26m into the video.

amd30live R9 290 card

For more cool AMD stuff, here’s AMD’s YouTube channel.

ATI / AMD video card driver for Windows 8

November 28th, 2012

This is just a post to help others that had the same problem I did. Windows 8 does not include Open GL (which AMD calls Open CL) support on older ATI Radeon cards like the HD 2000, 3000, and 4000 series.  So after a bunch of hunting around, I found the drivers that do work, so you can keep on playing games that need it, most notably – Minecraft. The file is considered a “hot-fix” from AMD so it wasn’t obvious on the site. Here’s the link: